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Mizuno Womens T24 Wedges 2024

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Crafted with a soft copper underlay using Mizuno's legendary Grain Flow Forging, a process perfected over fifty-plus years, the T24 Wedges deliver the unsurpassed feel and touch Mizuno is renowned for. 

Mizuno updated the 50-degree through 52-degree of their latest iconic teardrop-shaped wedge with two more scoring lines. In addition to upping the quantity, the lower lofted wedge's grooves are narrower and deeper, increasing the surface area of the ball that contacts the face during compression. This design imparts a massive amount of spin on full shots, which is precisely what the aforementioned lofts are primarily intended for. Because higher lofted wedges are frequently used for finesse or touch shots when compression isn't a significant factor, fewer wider, shallower grooves yield maximum spin rates. Mizuno's laser-etched HydroFlow Micro Grooves preserve the loft-specific grooves' spin rates in wet conditions by channeling water off the face.

Mizuno finishes the graphite T24 with UST Mamiya's Recoil ESX 460 shaft and Golf Pride's MCC grip.

Mizuno Women's T24 Wedges Feature:

  • One-piece Grain Flow Forged HD Boron at Mizuno's iconic facility in Hiroshima, Japan
  • Microlayer of soft copper beneath the Nickel Chrome for added control and improved feel
  • Smaller profile with mass taken from the toe portion and a lower hosel blend without loss of effective hitting area
  • Straight leading edge on lower lofts (46° to 50°) into a traditional teardrop (52°-56°) and more rounded lob wedges (58°-60°)
  • Spin-weighted blade design with a flared upper portion creates higher spin and a penetrating trajectory, particularly from strikes high on the club face
  • New QUADCUT+ grooves feature an adjustment to the shoulder camber and taper profile, allowing a tighter pattern for increased spin on all shots
  • Laser-etched HydroFlow Micro Grooves funnel moisture off the face to reduce spin drop-off in wet weather conditions
  • Milled face creates a perfectly flat surface while adding roughness for enhanced spin
  • Loft-specific grooves improve performance for each wedge
  • Updated Wrap Around Grind Relief provides increased versatility from all lies
  • Center of gravity flows throughout the lofts to provide more control and versatility
  • S-Grind: High bounce with limited relief for full shots
  • D-Grind: Mid bounce with moderate relief for light manipulation
  • C-Grind: Mid/high bounce with generous relief for a variety of conditions
  • Stock Shaft: UST Mamiya Recoil ESX 460 F1 Ladies Graphite
  • Stock Grip: Golf Pride MCC Black/Grey
  • Finish: Soft White Satin
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