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Tour Aim 2.0 Golf Alignment Training Aid With Alignment Sticks

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Perfectly aim every shot and practice more effectively with the Tour Aim 2.0 Golf Alignment Training Aid.  This alignment tool helps improve full swings, chipping, and putting.  Additionally, front and back swing planes keep your club on the proper plane for improved ball striking.  The 2.0 adds three swing plane holes that span across all the clubs in the bag and an enhanced putting sight line.

Tour Aim 2.0 Golf Alignment Training Aid Features:

  • Can be used with full swings, chips, and putts
  • Trains your eyes and brain to see down the true target line
  • Front and back swing plane angles (5 angles accommodate irons and woods)
  • Makes practice more effective and efficient
  • Perfect aim and alignment with every shot in the bag
  • Develops disciplined range habits
  • Includes 3 Alignment Sticks
  • Authorized Tour Aim Retailer

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