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Tour Edge Exotics Pro 721 Driver

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The "straight from the tour van" Tour Edge Exotics Pro 721 Driver was designed to be a low-spinning rocket for players with faster swing speeds seeking a more compact head and a deeper face.

The driver features Ridgeback Technology, which consists of a spine within the carbon fiber crown that acts as a brace to generate more power on center strikes.  Additionally, this groundbreaking construction allows for greater face flex in the heel and toe, so even when you miss the sweet spot, the Pro 721 is able to achieve greater ball speed.

Instead of using titanium, Tour Edge surrounds the Ridgeback with wrap-around carbon wings.  The lightweight wings allow weight to be placed low and forward, creating a tour-level CG location that produces the lowest possible amount of spin.

The last piece of technology that makes the Pro 721 a low-spin distance monster is known as Diamond Face 2.0.  Diamond Face is a unique construction consisting of 43 diamond shapes of variable thickness behind the face.  The shapes act as "mini-trampolines", rocketing the ball of the club head for explosive speed, as well as expanding the sweet spot to the outer reaches of the face.

The Pro 721 is equipped with Mitsubishi's family of TENSEI AV RAW shafts.  All three feature a RAW finish that reveals the Aluminum Vapor coated weave in the butt section, a visible look that bolsters stability.  The AV RAW Blue possesses the softest mid-section and the most amount of action.  The AV RAW Orange is a counter-balanced shaft that provides greater stability and control, while still offering a softer mid/tip section than White.  The AV RAW White has the stiffest tip section and lowest spin of the trio. 

Tour Edge Exotics Pro 721 Driver Features:

  • Tour-inspired, compact 440cc pear shaped head with a deeper face and shorter heel to toe that ensures low spin and a penetrating ball flight
  • Extreme Heel and Toe Flight Tuning System with adjustable 3 and 12 gram weights can drastically affect ball flight for a preferred shot shape
  • Ridgeback Technology spine within the crown acts as a brace to produce more power on center and off-center strikes
  • Diamond Face 2.0 Technology with 43 variable thickness diamond shapes that produce full-face forgiveness and faster ball speed
  • Dual carbon wings save weight, allowing for an extreme low/forward CG and the lowest possible amount of spin
  • Sound Diffusion Panels strategically place in the head vastly improve acoustics
  • Adjustable hosel allows for adjustments of +/- 2° of loft
  • Stock Shafts: Mitsubishi TENSEI AV RAW Blue • Mitsubishi TENSEI AV RAW Orange • Mitsubishi TENSEI AV RAW White
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