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Tour Edge Wingman 03 Putter

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The new Tour Edge Wingman Putters boast one of the highest MOI ratings of any putter on the market.  The primary design element that makes the Wingman such a stable, forgiving putter, is its weight distribution.  Tour Edge utilizes a carbon fiber sole plate that allows weight to be redistributed in the putter's side and its rear wings, which promotes a square club face that is extremely resistant to twisting.  To further boost MOI, Tour Edge equips the Wingman with an extremely tip stiff KBS CT Tour putter shaft.

The Wingman's face features Micro-Groove technology that provides a soft, pure feel upon contact.  The horizontal grooves produce a forward roll earlier in the putt and reduce skidding of the face for a better roll. 

The Wingman 03 is center-shafted model, alignment-oriented, face-balanced putter that promotes a more stable stroke and is ideal for players with a straight back, straight through putting stroke.

Tour Edge Wingman 03 Putter Features:

  • Center-shafted, face-balanced putter designed for a straight back, straight through stroke
  • Extremely high MOI design that is highly resistant to twisting
  • Carbon fiber sole plate allows for perimeter weight for extraordinary forgiveness
  • Lock-On Contrast Alignment allows the lie angle to be perfectly square to aid with alignment
  • Micro-Groove face provides a soft, pure feel, improves forward roll and reduces skidding
  • KBS CT Tour putter shaft is stiffer to reduce twisting & provides better head awareness
  • Grip: Lamkin Wingman branded Sink Fit Straight
  • Authorized Tour Edge Retailer

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