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XXIO Eleven Driver

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Engineered exclusively for golfers with moderate swing speeds, the XXIO Eleven Driver combines a lightweight design with a counterbalanced shaft to help boost club head speed and distance. 

The Eleven Driver features a faster cup face, which flexes and reflects energy back into the ball at impact, increasing ball speed and distance.

The driver utilizes a Star Frame rib structure to support a extremely thin sole.  The thin sole's weight savings are redistributed low and deep for a higher launch and added forgiveness. 

Weight Plus counterbalancing technology puts 13g of brass and rubber weight in the end of each shaft.  The added grip weight helps produce a more consistent swing with a 13% tighter impact pattern.  Additionally, the grip helps push the club head through the impact to help you hit it longer.

XXIO Eleven Driver Features:

  • Designed for players with moderate swing speeds
  • Lightweight design
  • Cup Face flexes and reflects energy into the ball for increased ball speed and distance
  • Star Frame rib allows weight to be placed low and deep for a higher launch and added forgiveness
  • Weight Plus counterbalancing improves consistency and increase club head speed
  • Stock Shaft: XXIO MP1100 Graphite
  • Stock Grip: XXIO Weight Plus
  • Authorized XXIO Retailer

XXIO Eleven Driver

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