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L.A.B. Golf B.2 Putter - Stainless

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While they may look odd, L.A.B. Putters are scientifically designed to make putting easier.  Research shows that 83% of a putt's starting direction is influenced by the direction of the putter face at impact (the other 17% is influenced by the path of the putter head). As such, Lie Angle Balance (L.A.B.) Technology takes into account lie, angle and weighting to create a putter that stays square to the arc throughout the stroke, delivering a square putter face at impact.  Essentially, L.A.B has created a perfectly balanced putter, eliminated torque, and with no further adjustments, provided golfers with the ability to consistently repeat a putting stroke with far less effort.

Unlike the DF 2.1, the B.2 has a more traditional blade shape, is 100% milled, and while it's, it has a much more appealing shape.

The B.2 is outfitted with a Garsen Quad Tour Pistol tapered grip that is designed to fit perfectly into most traditional golf grips. The Quad also works great for claw, and saw style grips. With a flat topline and bottom, players can easily square up the putter face with complete consistency.

L.A.B. Golf B.2 Putter - Stainless Steel Features:

  • 100% CNC milled stainless steel
  • Hand built, one at a time
  • Lie Angle Balance technology eliminates torque & keeps the putter face square
  • Shaft: KBS Tour
  • Grip: Garsen Quad Tour Pistol Tapered
  • Alignment Aid: #1
  • Lie: 69°
  • Loft: 3° (1.5° effective loft)
  • Head Weight: 330 grams (exact weight depends on length and lie)
  • Swing Weight: E5-G0 depending on length and lie angle
  • Authorized L.A.B. Golf Retailer

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