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Wilson D7 Fairway Woods

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The Wilson D7 Fairway Woods features a premium maraging steel insert that provides a thin, hot face increasing both feel and distance performance.  The D7's superlight design means faster club head speeds with less effort.  A new crown construction with thin cast cast pockets adds structure while minimizing weight, creating great-playing, highly-versatile fairway woods.

Wilson fits the D7 Fairway Woods with a UST Mamiya Helium graphite shaft and Wilson's own Staff MicroLite grip.

Wilson D7 Fairway Woods Feature:

  • Carpenter Custom 455 face is thin and hot for incredible feel and distance
  • Superlight design makes the club easy to swing for faster club head speeds
  • Thin cast pockets in the crown provide strength while reducing weight
  • UST Mamiya Helium graphite shaft
  • Wilson Staff MicroLite grip
  • Authorized Wilson Retailer

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