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Honma Womens Beres 07 3-Star Hybrids

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Designed in Sakata, Japan with strict adherence to Honma's legendary quality, Honma Women's Beres 07 3-Star Hybrids are designed for those who appreciate artistry and demand performance. 

The hybrids feature a maximum active speed slot that allows the entire sole to flex, creating increased ball speed and distance.  A thin crown crown and low, deep CG produce a high launch with a penetrating flight pattern.

The most unique aspect of Honma's design process is the shaft.  Most manufacturers only design a club head, but Honma engineers both a club head and shaft, marrying them perfectly for superior performance.  ARMRQ 3 Star shafts utilize high strength, shape memory twist fleuret material to increase energy transfer and maximize distance.

Honma Women's Beres 07 3-Star Hybrids Feature:

  • Designed by Honma's most experience master craftsman in Japan
  • Finished with stunning color, polish, texture and badge details
  • Maximum Active Speed Slot allows the entire sole to flex for increased ball speed and distance
  • Side slots provide speed on off-center hits
  • A thin crown and low, deep CG produce a high launch and penetrating flight
  • ARMRQ shafts use technologically advanced materials to increase distance and accuracy
  • Stock Grip: Honma Rubber 32 GD
  • Authorized Honma Retailer

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